Gong Baths

What is a gong bath?Gong meditation could be thought of as just another fad activity but it is not. Gongs have been used as shamanic healing tools, celebratory instruments and a method of communication for thousands of years, and are undoubtedly part of the tradition that is sound healing, which uses techniques such as chanting, […]

10 Top Tips For Fighting Fat After 40

Manage Your Stress – Stress is a killer and as you get older and have more commitments with for and family life you tend to build a lot more stress. Aim for 7-9 hours sleep; try taking a magnesium salt bath to relax you and help you sleep. Watch your caffeine and alcohol intake as this can keep you awake. Also, some yoga and […]

Teenage Bodybuilding

Starting bodybuilding so young at 12 years old I was very carful about the kind of weights I did ,opting for higher reps and super clean form.

Build Wings

For big lats and that classic V taper you need to stick with the basics.

Becoming the Ultimate Gladiator

Here is a snippet from the recent interview I did with HFE on ‘Becoming the Ultimate Gladiator’, go and check out the for the rest! (HFE’s blog) Speaking in a recent interview with HFE, a leading provider of personal trainer courses, James talked about his electric career to date and current projects. He started by looking back to the […]

Hunted T-Shirts

We’ve teamed up with IFStrongwear to bring ‘The Hunted’ range of T-Shirts. We’re biased, but they’re awesome! If you’re looking to be inspired when you’re training, you need to check these out now. Go here to get yours now!