I have had an unusual route to practicing yoga.

Yoga was something I took up during training for Gladiators show to improve my athleticism.

I dipped into a variety of styles of yoga over the next 15 years

In 2018 I was competing at a high level of competitive strongman. I  reintroduced yoga to help me with breathing techniques and pain management when training for a world record lift on the ancient Scottish Dinnie Stones.

After picking up several niggling injuries. I decided to make a big switch from strength to body nourishment and studied for my yoga qualifications. 

 Being in my late 40s  I have a big affinity with over 40s who are often very tight and struggle with flexibility and mobility.

 I released a DVD in 2018 entitled “Fit AT 40 Plus” this is a combination of weights , HIIT training and yoga.

Music has always been a passion having played the drum since I was 12, bashing bongos in London clubs in my 30s and still play guitar in a band.

Several years ago, I went to a gong bath in Bali and was mesmerised . Such an incredible feeling of relaxation and stress leaving the body plus I had the best night’s sleep . I went back to London and started study on the gong and other sound healing instruments.