Build Some Wings

For big lats and that classic V taper you need to stick with the basics.
The back muscles move in different planes so its important to work them from different angles.
There is no real point in doing 2 exercises back to back using the same plane i.e. Chins followed by lat pull downs.
I like to vary the rep range working on both ,strength and hypertrophy .
The key is big exercises consistency and keeping a training log.

For a thick wide back try ;


A Deadlifts 5×5
B Banded chins 4x 8-10
C Low Pulley Row 3X 10-12
D Pullover( machine or pulley) 3x 15

Keep the reps smooth and slow on the eccentric and make sure you use full range of motion.
When doing exercises like pullover remember the hinge point of the movement is the lats, this can be felt in the triceps if done incorrectly..

Log your weights and try to increase each week, if specialising look to do this session every 5 days.

Stay focused and lets build those wings.

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